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What is a Well Fed Ohana?

A Well Fed Ohana (family) eats from the aina (living earth) they have been given to malama (nurture/take care of).

This roots us in the life of the land and gives us physical vitality and spiritual connection with the Creator and the creation.

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A Well Fed Ohana fears not

When the price of food goes up or becomes scarce or even cut-off by natural and human disasters the Well Fed Ohana can feed itself. This is the essence of Food Sovereignity.

Eating a diet based on the food grown by Hawaiian's for centuries preserves the health of the ohana. Studies have shown that this diet reduces such diseases as diabetes, stroke and heart attack. 

Citrus Fruits
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A Well Fed Ohana eats from the aina

Food that an ohana plants, tends , harvests and eats connects us to the living earth, the aina.

This is not farming for the community - the role of the mahi'ai - it is growing with and for the ohana  - yet when many ohana's grow their own food they naturally share from the abundance that springs from the aina and this strengthens the whole community.

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