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Who We Are

Growing Food For Generations

We are passionately committed people who believe in the power of human beings working in harmony with nature to grow our families and communities now and for generations to come.

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Our Vision

The future we see : Welcome to Waimanalo Homestead.  In this neighborhood of Native Hawaiian ‘ohana there is abundant food growing around each hale in the district.


Rich food forests full of native fruits and vegetables abound in soil that has been regenerated by high amounts of compost, mulch, biochar, and indigenous microorganisms from the deep jungle forest.


The natural aloha of these neighbors is shining as they gather to share the goodness of home grown food with each other as well as trading and bartering one crop for another.  Bananas for lilikoi, kalo for ‘ulu…          Read the whole vision here

Our Story

50 years ago on the UH Manoa campus the Energy House was built to show sustainable architecture and a young ag student took care of the edible landscape growing food plants instead of typical ornamentals.  50 years later, Bruce Campbell, that student, formed Well Fed Ohana to bring that vision and promise to the Ohana in Waimanalo where his MA Farm grows organic fruits and vegetables and Food First Nursery supplies Hawaiian Canoe plants and Island edibles to Oahu.

With one of the  largest edible plant nurseries on the island and  a team of dedicated aina pono practioners Well Fed Ohana is partnering with aligned organizations to bring a holistic approach to empowering Waimanalo's Homestead families to achieving food sovereignty for physical and spiritual health.

Meet The Team

Meet The Board of Directors

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