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Our Projects

We have several projects that all work together to fulfill our mission. Learn about them below.

Food Trees for Waimanalo

Our first and ongoing project is to bring a full agroforest to the hale of 12 ohana's  a year.

Our plants start with the 3 foundational trees - 'Ulu (breadfruit). Maia (Banana) and Niu (Coconut) to that we add papaya, citrus, avocado, and the option of mango, lychee, soursop or other requested trees. 


Then we plant edible hedges of Bele, Chaya and Moringa - all super food leaves that just keep growing as you cut them. Vines of lilikoi (passion furit) and uala (sweet potato) and medicinal/culinary garden of olena (turmeric), awapuhi,(ginger), mamaki, ko, (native sugarcaen) , hawaiian chile pepper, and the powerful noni tree.

Please visit our Applicant Page to see if you qualify for this gift - which is made possible by individual and organizational donors.

Waimanalo Farmers Market Outreach

We are excited to announce that through MA Farm's collaboration with the Waimanalo Health Center  they are reviving the farmers market to provide fresh produce from MA Farm and other Wqimanalo farms.

Their goal is to provide fresh food at affordable prices through the DaBux program and other subsidized food programs promoting locally grown food.


Well Fed Ohana will conduct and educational outreach at the market to let the community know about Food Trees For Waimanalo projects and share information on the plants, meal plans and cooking classes.

Food As Medicine

As Well Fed Ohana transitions to an Integrated Wellness non-profit we couldn't more thrilled to embark on a Food As Medicine project with the Waimanalo Health Center.

Starting with 10 mothers who are either pregnant or raising chldren 1 to 5 and who participate in the WIC program we prepare a box of fresh, culturally appropriate, health enhancing fruits and vegetables from Ma Farm plus farm fresh eggs.

'Ulu, Kalo, Mai'a, Niu, Ko,Bele,Chaya, Cassava, Kale, Okra, Eggplant, Mixed Green, Asian Greens, Herb Bouquet....

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Adopt a Mala

Connecting individuals and communities with the land through the traditional Hawaiian practice of cultivating kalo, also known as taro. Participants in the program will have the opportunity to experience the entire journey of kalo cultivation, from preparing the mala and planting the kalo to nurturing it as it grows and finally harvesting the mature plants. This hands-on experience allows participants to develop a deeper connection with the 'aina (land) and gain a greater appreciation for the traditional agricultural practices that have sustained Hawaiian communities for generations.


Being close to the 'aina offers numerous benefits, both for individuals and the environment. It promotes a sense of stewardship and responsibility towards the land, fostering a more sustainable approach to agriculture. By actively engaging in the cultivation of kalo, participants not only contribute to local food production but also support biodiversity, soil health, and water conservation. Through "Adopt a Mala," we aim to create a meaningful and educational experience that highlights the interconnectedness between people, land, and food, ultimately promoting a more sustainable and resilient future.

Cooking Class

In an exciting collaboration between Waimanalo Health Center and a local culinary team, a series of innovative cooking classes has been launched to promote holistic wellness through food. Led by Amy, a seasoned nutritionist with a passion for empowering individuals to make healthy choices, and Heidi, a skilled chef renowned for her creative approach to culinary arts, these classes are designed to not only teach essential cooking skills but also to highlight the importance of knowing the source of our food. Participants will delve into the world of farm-to-table cooking, discovering the joys of using fresh, locally sourced ingredients while gaining a deeper understanding of their nutritional value. Through experience and expert guidance, attendees will not only learn how to prepare delicious meals but also develop a greater appreciation for the connection between food, health, and sustainability. This project aims to inspire a lifelong love for cooking, encouraging individuals to take control of their well-being by mastering the art of creating wholesome, flavorful dishes from scratch.

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